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Key Resources

Key Resources


A nurses guide to nhp

A Nurse’s Guide to the Nurses’ Health Program

The guidebook provides a comprehensive overview of the the Nurses' Health Program, including program entry requirements, how the program works, and key responsibilities while in the program.

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A nurses guide to nhp

Nurses’ Health Program

Learn more about the program, including an overview of how it works, how it can help nurses, and how to get more information.

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A nurses guide to nhp

Nurses’ Health Program: A Guide for Employers

Learn about how the program works, benefits to employers, the role of the employer, return-to-work guidelines, and more.

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Community Resources

The following resources are provided in support of mental and physical health and well-being, and may have been created by external sources.

Mental Health Services & Resource Directories - Ontario

Resources Website/Phone Number

Connex Ontario

Directory for mental health, addiction and problem gambling services in Ontario

Ontario 211

Online directory of human services for all Ontario locations

Canada Drug Rehab

Online free addiction services directory for finding treatment centres and support groups in Canada

Ontario - Mental Health

Online directory for finding mental health support

Ontario - Health Connect

How to find a family doctor or Nurse Practitioner, and details about the Health Connect Program

Rapid Access Addiction Medicine

Directory of RAAM clinics across Ontario

Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres

Listing of methadone treatment centres in Ontario Website

Services, supports directory to search local communities

Self CBT Therapist

Directory of CBT therapists

Online Self-Help Resources

Listing of online and self-help resources across Canada

Mental Health Helpline

Non-emergency resources and referrals


Drug and Alcohol Helpline

Non-emergency resources and referrals


Crisis Support Lines - Ontario

Resources Website/Phone Number

Crisis Services Canada

Suicide prevention and support 833-456-4566

Distress and Crisis Ontario 

Listing of distress centres in Ontario by region 

Kids Help Phone 

Pre/crisis line for kids, youth and young adults 

Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention 

Information on suicide prevention and resources 

Distress and Crisis Toronto  

For individuals in distress or crisis and in need of support (24/7)   


Mental Health Support Services - Ontario

Resources Website/Phone Number

Bounce Back Ontario 

Free online skill-building program designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage symptoms of depression and anxiety 

Canadian Mental Health Association - Ontario 

Resources, information and services related to mental health in Ontario 


Find your own CMHA branch: 

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction 

Website of information related to Substance Use and Addiction (reports, publications, information and resources) 

Mind Your Mind 

Online tools to help support your mental health 

Addictions and Mental Health Ontario 

Resource for mental health and addictions information and support 

Children’s Mental Health Ontario 

Online information, resources and services for children’s mental health in Ontario 

Mental Health First Aid Canada 

General resources on different types of mental health problems 

A navigation tool for the mental health system in Ontario 

CAMH – Mental Health and Addictions 

Mental illness and addictions index 

Families for Addiction Recovery 

A resource for information on supporting family members struggling with addiction 

Anxiety Canada 

Various resources, tools, videos on managing anxiety 

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health 

Provides resources on how to transition back to work smoothly, how to address awkward questions from colleagues and how to work with employers on accommodations 

Centre for Inner Freedom 

An 8-week course enabling people to let go of the past, worry less about the future, and live more fully in the present moment. Practices include sitting, standing, lying and moving meditations. Deal effectively with stress, depression and chronic pain. 
Self-Care Resources Canada 

Mutual Support Services/Groups

Resources Website/Phone Number

Alcoholics Anonymous 

AA Toronto directory 
Online Group AA Meetings 

Online Intergroup Alcoholics Anonymous (Global Service Resource) 

An online meeting directory for AA. 
Narcotics Anonymous 
Virtual Narcotics Anonymous Meetings (Global service resource) 
Cocaine Anonymous 
Crystal Meth Anonymous 
Marijuana Anonymous 

In the Rooms 

Recovery space for people when you can’t meet face to face 

Unity Recovery 

Recovery community organization 

SMART Recovery 

Self-management and recovery training, online, app 

Support Groups Ontario 

Psychology Today groups listing 
Apps for Alcohol Addiction Recovery 

Apps for Maintaining your Mental Health

10 apps for your mental health 

The Big White Wall 

Online Mental Health Community’ free, online mental health and wellbeing service that helps people who are dealing with everyday stressors or major life events. Available 24/7/365, supported by clinically trained ‘Wall Guides’, self-guided courses and self-improvement tools and resources 

COVID Resources

Resources Website/Phone Number

COVID-19 Telehealth  

If individuals are concerned that they may be exposed to, or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 

Mental Health Considerations during the COVID-19 Outbreak 
Coping with the Stress of the COVID-19 Outbreak 
Tips for Coping with COVID-19 
Canadian Mental Health Association – COVID-19: Mental Health and Wellbeing 
Mental Health Commission of Canada – COVID19 Resource Hub 
Mental Health Commission of Canada -  Mental Health First Aid COVID-19 Self-Care and Resilience Guide 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

COVID-19 Stress and Coping 


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